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Emsat Math Test Description:

EmSAT Achieve Math assesses the extent to which the test taker is ready to study mathematics at the college or university level. It is a computer‐based exam where test sections, questions, and options are randomized. The tests are timed by the computer. Test-takers can see how much time they have throughout the exam.

  • Test Duration: 120 minutes.
  • Questions: 60 questions
  • Content Areas: Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics
  • Task Types: Multiple Choice, Multi-select, Fill-in the-Blank, and Drag and Drop

Math Emsat Score Descriptors:

1500+ (High Proficiency): A student at this level has demonstrated sufficient mastery of algebra and geometry to warrant being considered for direct entry into a university-level calculus course.

1300 – 1475: (Proficient): A student at this level has demonstrated solid understanding of algebra and geometry and could engage in pre-calculus or similar courses at the college level. 

1100 – 1275:  (Borderline Proficient): A student at this level has demonstrated sufficient algebra and geometry understanding to enter into degree programs that do not require pre-calculus or similar courses at the college level. Additional preparation will be necessary before engaging in precalculus

900 – 1075: (Basic): A student at this level has demonstrated some understanding of algebra and applied geometry. This student needs additional instruction in pre-college level algebra.

700 – 875: (Needs Improvement):A student at this level has demonstrated limited understanding of a few algebra and applied geometry concepts. This student needs additional instruction and support in basic algebra and numeracy.

500 – 675: (Little knowledge of basic Math): A student at this level has demonstrated some numerical understanding but a very limited understanding of basic algebra and geometry concepts. This student needs additional instruction and support in basic numeracy, algebra and geometry. 

< 500: A student at this level has demonstrated little or no ability to apply basic mathematical concepts at a college entrance level. Students in this level would need to significantly improve their mathematical understanding. 

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