Chilled Water HVAC systems are heavily used in multiple applications throughout the world ! Hospitals? Schools? Malls? Restaurants? Most Probably their HVAC system is a Chilled Water HVAC system.

The importance of such a system is not to be taken lightly and this course will equip you with the knowledge that will help you stand out.

The Last Section of the Course Covers a very specialized Design requirement that every chilled Water HVAC system has to achieve.

This course will teach you how to carry out Design calculations that even Professionals in the field tend to struggle with.

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Mr.Attié teaches an array of subjects and he works with students and professionals from various backgrounds.

Along with being a Fitness Enthusiast, he enjoys spreading Knowledge through quality education.

As per his saying "Not Every Course Creator is an Educator"

The Courses that he will teach you will surely make a difference in your professional journey.

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